About us

In 2020, we had a dream. A dream to make the world - the digital world - a better, understandable and easier place to use. But like any other company, there is no straight path. When we began our CEO was the only person building the company, and he had no knowledge of coding, programming and the structure of the web. Within 6 months Itexel was turned upside-down and we've created applications and services. This could not have been done without our growing staff and community, who we thank so much for their contributions. Without them, Itexel would never have grown so fast. However, Itexel's dream has still not been fully-reached and to accomplish this, we will need to continue growing and with an even faster pace.

Our First Project

When we launched many projects in 2020, only one succeeded. DigitalZero - a technological company providing news, reviews, guides and tutorials has been a huge success. With their growing community, it has helped many people navigate through the digital world and has even helped developers with the same inspiration get together and form companies!

Our next task

To create multiple services, we need an account system that can be synced into our services. So our biggest challenge right now is to make a login system (possibly an OAuth2 system) that will be able to sync all services through your Itexel account. This is currently being made. We have no due date for this task but we hope that we can finish it within 6 months.

Our next project

After we have completed our OAuth2 account system, we will move on to develop our next project after DigitalZero, HydroClouds. HydroClouds will be a new web hosting service providing reliable and affordable hosting. The web hosting industry has always been cheap - but lacking of support and quality. Our aim is to provide the next generation of web developers cheap, reliable and quality hosting. This project will be led by Ergastolator and will be released within the next year.

As you can see we are still at the beginning of our journey. Our next phase of completing the OAuth2 system will take some time and hard work and so we are working at a moderate speed to complete this. Itexel hopes to reach out to all areas of technology, providing applications, online services and many more!