Privacy Policy

Last modified: 20th April 2021

The privacy policy shows you how we use your data, what data we use and what data we don't. We know that containing your data is an important duty - so we keep it as safe as possible.

Your Personal Information

"Personal Information" refers to the neccessary details we require while you use our services. This includes your email address, recovery email, and your name and phone number (this is optional) and in some cases your IP Address. How do we use it?
The only times we use your personal information is to correctly identify you with your account. We strictly only use it for this purpose. Your personal information is the key to the door lock which only you should be able to answer. The key (your personal information) is stored safely within our databases and we make sure that no unauthorized users are able to access it.

Collecting External Data

Itexel may use Google Adsense to earn money out of advertising. Google may collect your search data to give you a customized experience of ads on our site. Itexel also uses Arc, a CDN Network, to load our site to your browser via other devices near you to give you a faster experience. This does not affect your user experience at all and users have the option to opt out of Arc. For more info about Arc, click here Google is not related, nor affiliated with Itexel, for more enquires about this please contact Google.


When using Itexel services, you agree to be notified of any changes made and to be updated via your email address registered with your Itexel account or through social media.